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RE: Oilblowing on 100

>Personally I would include the Bosch Oil filters with the Lee, Purolator and
Fram crap. The Bosch oil filters sold in the USA are made in the USA and
look as cheap as anything on the market. They certainly don't live up to
the quality I have come to expect from Bosch. I have never cut on open
or seen test results, my opinion is based on visual
inspection/comparison. All the Bosch fuel filters and such made outside
of the USA is of good quality.
Jim Dupree
1984 4ksq
1984 4ks

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>Subject: 	Re: Oilblowing on 100
>John:  In the D.C. area, I can buy Bosch filters for $3.99 from Trak 
>Auto.  Even if you mail order (from German Parts and Restoration, for 
>example) , you won't pay more than $5 for Mann, Mahle or Knecht (all OEM 
>filters).  Stay away from the Lee, Purolator and Fram crap.  It's made 
>for American and Japanese junk.