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DC Event: In defense of Jon Linkov

First I'd like to profusely thank Jon Linkov for the time & effort
he put into organising the DC Event last Saturday and following
up with the trip report.  I for one, thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity
to meet other Audi aficionados and put faces to some of the names
I've seen on the Qlist, as well as the visit to VW Sport and looking
'round their "goodies".

I would also like to defend Jon Linkov for his trip report.  Adrian
(of VW Sport) did take many groups of us out in some pretty fast
runs of his "sooped-up" A4 1.8qt.  I couldn't see the speed we were
going (I was crammed behind the driver) but he definitely exceeded
the speed limit and I was concerned about this - though more from
Adrian's drivers license perspective than my personal safety!  Jon
(Linkov) simply reported this - not endorsed it.  The car WAS stable
and controllable at these speeds, though of course I (and Jon also,
I'm sure) would never consider driving that fast on the open road.

To summarise: Give the guy a break!

-Mark Quinn