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Re: Kitty Cleaning - UrQ

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>So if I'm going to hollow the cat on my UrQ to free the blockage, is it
just a remove and bang >with a rubber mallet thing or is there more to this?

More like smashing the matrix up with a crowbar through one end.  No need to
bash on the outside.  Also I have "heard" that you could put the car on a
lift, drop the outlet pipe, smash the matrix from behind, and then run the
engine to blow out the debris.  If your matrix is deteriorating, make sure
no pieces have lodged in the pipe following the cat.

Oh, yeah, then be a good boy and get a new cat soon.

Disclaimer:  I have never, ever, contemplated or exercised any such
modification to remove or disable any of the federally mandated emission
control devices on my car.  (which smiley has the tongue in cheek and the
fingers crossed behind the back?)