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RE: Annoying Problem with '87 5KCSTQ

"Luevano, Paul" <prl@ptc.com>

> When making a right hand turn, I get a rythmic throbbing 
> vibration through the steering wheel...

Sounds like a wheel bearing to me.

> At first, I thought it was a wheel bearing going, and thought
> nothing of it.

Things that make you go hmmm...

> Rotated wheels.  Problem remained.  Decided, maybe it was 
> the wheel beering after all, so I had it replaced.  Problem 
> remained.

"The" wheel bearing?  Maybe it's the other one?

> To recap, new front right driveshavt (with new CV's), new 
> front right wheel bearing, tires/wheels have been rotated, 
> new re-built center driveshaft, but the problem remains!

Lessee, if you turn right, the load on the left bearing 
increases, and load on the right one decreases.  Since you 
replaced the right one, I'd try the left one, since it's getting 
more of a workout during right turns than the right one.

I remember use discussing this on the list before, is that the 
way it works, or do I have it backwards?

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