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RE: Oilblowing on 100

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Ken wrote:

> John_Russell@umit.maine.edu (John Russell) wrote:
> > 
> > have noticed that on my 1990 100 fwd 10v, that when I use 
> > the Fram double gard oil filters, oil blows out around the 
> > oil pressure sensor. However, going to the more expensive 
> > (10 bucks and up) filters, I dont' have this problem...  
> > somethign is amiss but I don't know what (aside from losing 
> > oil). Facts: very slow leaking, pressure gauge reads lower
> > than normal, oil done every 3k miles or less (mileage).
> > 
> > Any ideas/suggestions?
> YIKES!!  You're using Fram filters?!?!  Not good at all!  I'm 
> sure there is some stuff on the web about Fram filters.  
> Don't use Fram.
> > Being on a communting college student Nursing budget, $12 
> > filters add up real fast....
> I think Purolators are better than Fram, and they're about the 
> same price, within a couple bucks.  Experiences?
All being equal, the Purolators do have slightly better reputation. They
were OEM on my '74 wmB. OTOH, Fram was OEM on many Ferraris. But neither
Fram nor Purolator have the needed drainback valve. This is actually what
got me into wrenching on the 5kt. That, and I wondered if it really had
two OFs. (6-86- Nope!) The quicklube place had no filters with the valve.
They also said the trans was leaking. No, Pentosin! Learned all that from
the list last year. The learning curve moves quickly.

> I think you'd be better off using almost anything you can find, 
> _except_ Fram.
I have always had good luck with Bosch filters, $3.25 w/drainback valve.
Used exclusively in my 5k and in my family's Saab fleet. 
> Just my "humble" opinion, no affiliation with anyone important.
> Ken
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No affiliation here either. Just want to keep the 5k running long enough
to catch Dave Head, odometer-wise ;)
1987 5000 Turbo 172k 1.5 bar