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90-91 Quattro Coupe


I just completed a 3 month search for a CQ, found a '91 in Denver which had
lived in Texas and CT previously.  In 3 mos., I figure I sourced about 30
cars in varying conditions and colors.  Ultimately, I decided which color
combination I wanted (White with black) and looked for the best car I could
find for around $10K (I also bought a '91 TQ engine I'm rebuilding as an
eventual transplant)  Expect to pay $7-17K ranging from a reasonably kept
high miles (100-150K) car to a first owner, low miles (40-60K) car.  You'll
find that by now, most cars are on their second owner.  Work hard to find
one which was fastidiously dealer maintained:  They were expensive new, so
many of them got textbook maintenance at least by the first owner.  I'd
prefer a car which was high miles, and maintained cost-no-object to a
lower-miles car which was casually maintained.  (Cars owned by true
fanatics such as Q-listers being the exception)

If you are willing to travel, hold out for exactly what you want.  Although
the car is rare, the internet is an incredible tool, and you'll find
exactly what you want if you're patient.

Sorry I just threw away my paper files which probably contained some cars
which are still for sale.  However, here is a list of some of the online
resources I used.  Check especially the Auto Trader daily.  In fact, right
now it has the lowest miles car I've seen (39K) for the highest price
($19K) in GA.

Brandon Hull
'91 CQ

Transportation Classifieds 
Auto Trader Online 
A Cohen's Auto Search Page 
Chicago Tribune Autos: Used Car Search 
Auto Town Used Car Cinema - Search and Post Used Auto Car Truck Classified
Ad for Free See Picture Photograph 
the Express Lane 
AutoWeb Interactive AutoFinder(tm) 
WebCrawler Search Results for: Cars & Trucks 
Yahoo! Classifieds - Autos and Motorcycles - Audi 
FIRSTINTER - Used Motors Listing for the UK 
the Express Lane 
CarComp Home Page 

>Could someone tell me if there are any spec differences between a 90 and
91 20v
Coupe, just from a drivetrain perspective. Also, could someone steer me
to a
source where I might find decent 90-91 coupes for sale (I realize how
rare they
are). I've only found 1 in Atlanta in 12 months and it had been wrecked.
willing to travel for a good one. Please reply to me directly, as I'm
not on the
list, yet. Thanks