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Re: HT Leads...

>   HT leads?? You mean spark plug wires! Blue Ignitors seem to work well,
> that is what I and many on the list have used. The wires you are talking
> about are the Nology wires. Everything I have read or heard seems to
> indicate that they perform extremely well especially in high boost/high
> compression situations; conditions in which creating an arc is more
> difficult. However, their benefit in a stock engine is questionable. Guys
> running real high boost may see a benefit. However, it has yet to be seen
> how they work with the Audi turbo ignition system and Bosch
> tri-electrodes. Also, they will change ignition timing slightly.

Thanks. Does anyone know where I can look on the net for more info
on these wires? Is there perhaps an online shopping system where I
can go wander around and look at these things?

I recently saw a test where they put a whole bunch of plugs up against
each other in a dyno test. Bosch Super-4 gave something like a 2.4 bhp
increase and 2.6 lbft increase in power and torque. Champions were
still the best with a 2.6 bhp increase in power. Minimal power (+-1.5kW)
but nevertheless interesting. :) What's the benefit of these Bosch
tri-electrodes as opposed to the quad-electrodes and normal
mono-electrode plugs from Champion?

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