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help? - cold start problems 87-5q

I know, mundane.  Looked in the archives until my eyes watered.

I have checked cap, rotor, wires and plugs...okay.  Put the contact
cleaner to the fast idle solenoid.  Enriched the fuel mix...all to no

Anyone can help?  Drivin' me crazy.

Have revamped the steering rack.  Back breaking job.  That sucker was on
and off the car three times.   Fixed central locking device driver's
door (I took the door panel off, realized it could be done through the
side of the door afterwards)...so I'm a NuB.

The scoop is, starts on one or two cylinders, chugs along for about 15
to 30 seconds then kicks in.  When it gets real cold here I suspect I'm
going to be cryin'.

Best regards,