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RE:Reluctant shifter

Some things to check:

I had similar problem after doing my clutch which means I had the
shifter linkage apart. There is a splined shaft that goes from the
shifter to the transmission. The spline is secured by a clamp and bolt
arrangement. You might check that this bolt/clamp is tight. It is
located just forward and below the gear shift lever on the underside of
the car (on top of the transmission). It is kind of a bi*ch to get to.
This spline is adjustable both in and out and rotational - not sure of
the actual procedure for setting.

The shift lever stops/slides (inside the car, under shift lever boot) is
secured by four bolts and once these bolts are losened there is some
adjustability forward/aft, left/right. I have had some luck using these
for fine tuning type adjustments. 

There is also a small linkage on the top of the bellhousing that is all
but impossible to get to with tranny in place. This small linkage has
ball ends and has a turnbuckle arrangement for adjustment. I did not
mess with this on my car but it did look like a wear item.

87 5KTQ
Littleton, CO