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Re: HT Leads...

> I recently saw a test where they put a whole bunch of plugs up against
> each other in a dyno test. Bosch Super-4 gave something like a 2.4 bhp
> increase and 2.6 lbft increase in power and torque. Champions were
> still the best with a 2.6 bhp increase in power. Minimal power (+-1.5kW)

Maybe the champions did better when new, but did the gains last the
life of the plug?  The tri and quad electrodes are as much an
issue of wear as anything else - it takes longer to wear three or four
gaps than one, so longer replacement intervals can be spec'd without
going to the expense of the platinum tipped plugs.  (Rumor has it
that the spark picks the closest gap until it widens such that
another gap takes over and so on.)