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S4 16"x8" 5-spoke wheels WANTED

I posted this before and currently have an ad in the Quattro Quarterly, but
here we go again:

I am looking for a set (of 4) of used 16" x8" 5 spoke stock Audi wheels as
fitted on the S4 models.  Excellent condition preferred, but I will consider
any repairable wheels it the price is right.

This is in preparation for the AP brake conversion I would like to do to our V8.

Please e-mail me direct.

P.S.  To all you lucky Tire Rack fire sale 16x8 BBS Rf wheel purchasers (of
which group I belong):

I would like to also buy another set of those wheels to act as spares for my
set.  I won't pay more than Tire Rack was charging at the end, but if you're
going to sell you car and can put back on the stock wheels, please e-mail
me!  TIA.


John Karasaki

J & L Enterprises
"Our Future is Built by Hard Work"