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Re: '93 90 CSq: Ventilation/climate control problem - fogging

At 09:06 PM 11/5/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> [...]
>> The major symptom is fogging of windows when the temperature gets close to
>> freezing.  In the winter months I run the climate control on full AUTO.
>> The recirculate and A/C lights are not on.  I see the normal fan motor
>> start on warmup and the motor slows when the target temperature is
>> achieved.  The outside air temperature gauge is behaving properly.
>This is an Endearing Audi Feature.  If it's too cold outside, the A/C
>compressor doesn't kick in.  If the A/C compressor isn't on, you can't
>use the recirculate.  I'm not quite sure of the reasoning behind either
>one of these.....

Its fogging behavior has changed, though.  I've had it for two years and
it's never been like this.  45 degrees F today and normal humidity, and it
fogged up in about 10 minutes with 3 in the car.  Increasing fan speed
doesn't help, only cracking the windows.

Also, does it seem reasonable with the outside temperature at 45, interior
temperature set to 66, and pressing AUTO that the A/C would come on?

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