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Re: quattro-digest V4 #1325

>I can't tell any difference in the ability of the F/V to keep the O2
>sensor at 0.5V with setting the DC from 40-60%. I have found that with a
>DC setting of 42% average (the high portion on the scope oscillates from
>5-7 mSec. 5/14=35%, 7/14=50%, 42% average) there does seem to be better
>throttle response. This is just a seat of the pants observation but it
>seems like the turbo boost pressure comes up earlier at low rpm making
>for better throttle response.

I was just told last night by a reliable race shop owner/operator that
running abit leaner down low HELPS turbo responce. (more heat?).  I am
running a bit fat in my rally car, and will probably turn it down a bit.
Simple twist of the dial.  Aren't EFI cars simple? ;-)

paul timmerman