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Windshield washers (and Audi) get the "needle"

Noticed the following while doing Bentley homework last evening:

Volume One (Bentley Manual for '89-'91 100 & 200), p. 18 states:
"Adjusting washer jets [windshield]..."The jets can be adjusted with a needle."

Meanwhile, in Volume Three:
p. 92.6 Spray jets [windshield], adjusting...
"Adjust spray jets using tool 3125. CAUTION DO NOT adjust spray jets using
a needle, pin or similar object or damage to the spray jets will result."


Seems the entire spray assembly is plastic, so I can see why deformation
_could_ occur from shoving jets around with a needle. Why the heck couldn't
Audi use stainless steel jets there? Guess their st. steel quota went for
exhaust systems?

Guess I'll give it a go with a big pin (actually I'll try to use a sharp
awl)...verrry carefully.