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26 psi boost

Fellow Audi fanatics,
    I own a 1987 5kCDQ and have a QLCC chip in it, a pressure regulator
controlling the wastegate, and 3" exhaust from downpipe back.  I have
recently installed a boost pressure gauge and have found that I'm getting
about 14 psi boost pressure.
    As I have been following the list, I noticed that there are a few
members who are running 18-26 psi.  I would be very interested to find out
how they are running such high pressures without getting fuel pump shut-off
(I hate FPSO).  Have they bypassed the fuel pump relay?  Are they using a
different chip?  Special Wastegate controllers?
    Don't get me wrong, 14 psi is nice but I need more.  How does running
such extreme boost pressures effect our MC engines?  My car is a daily
driver as I'm pretty sure these super-boosted cars are so I assume that
these engines can handle the extreme pressures forced upon them.  How much
HP would 26 psi give to the MC engine, what cost is involved?

1987 5000 CD quattro (14psi boost not enough, I need more!)
1998 Toyota Corolla VE (to replace the totalled 1997 Corolla SD)