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Re: FS: my '90 Coupe Q......

> Here's the car:
> 1990 Coupe Quattro (11/89 build date)

> I am asking for around retail for my car here in the local papers, but
> am
> asking $9900 from the Qlist (you all have saved me a lot of $ on
> keeping up
> my car).

HOLY COW!  For those of you that haven't seen Christian's car, I think
the price he's asking is a STEAL!  I got to check it out while I was in
FL last May and it is very sharp and very well kept.  If I didn't
already own a Coupe Q, I'd be all over Christian's car.   ;-)

Just my .02  -no kickbacks from Christian for this post.


'90 CQ20V
'86 XR4ti