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VW vs. Mercedes & Audi vs. BMW

Gentlemen, vent your spleen.

Of course, everything published in Automobile magazine _must_ be true, but
chew on this:

"Ferdinand Piech, the chairman of Volkswagen and Audi, has ambitious goals:
  'The target brand for Audi is BMW.' he stated the other day.  After a pause
he added:  'And VW will take on Mercedes-Benz.'  To reach this high flying
The new Golf is an extraordinary vehicle -- not because of its design,
specification, or dynamic ability [!?!], but because of its build quality.
The fourth-generation Golf looks and feels more solid than a Mercedes A-class,
M-class, or E-class.  It simply oozes quality."

I really look forward to the fireworks over this statement on the Quattro
List.  The article goes on to tell how wonderful the new Golf is based on its
advanced, inexpensive standard equipment list (and the aforementioned build
quality, which, in the photos, does flatter the car, not to mention the _VW
Advertisement_ in the magazine, which make the VW look more inviting and
opulent than a Lexus, right down to the leather interior and the wood on the
dashboard).  Most of the advanced comfort technology that is now cheap to put
in a VW was pioneered on the Audi you are sitting in, including "automatic air
conditioning, full leather trim, electric memory seats", and, I have to say,
the gorgeous design of the interior.  Not to mention the rest of the chassis,
etc., etc.

Piech is making a bold move doing this. You and I might remember VW as a
little, technologically-simple car, but in the US it is a <German> car that is
very well made.  I don't think the "volks" they are looking for are the same
"volks" they had in mind at the beginning, and there's a good reason to
believe that most people don't know or remember what the original meaning of
"VW" was.  And if they do, time to turn their perceptions on their heads!

It's not a rumor any more...especially with the "Concept 1" latter-day Beetle
set to be priced in the low $20s here in the USA.  Not exactly a Suzuki.

"The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind..."  -- Bob Dylan