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Re: Champion plugs?

> I thought the Champion plugs were the biggest pieces of shit available!
> You are talking about those cheap 69 cent pieces of shit that I could buy
> from Kmart? Right?

Uhm...yeah, those are the ones. :) No, just kidding, I don't know which
you talk about. I'm talking about the C6YCC plugs from Champion.
And, uhm, how can they be the biggest pieces of shit available? They
look just the same size as the others. :) Sorry, had to do that. I'm
just trying to gauge which plugs work well. My Bosch engineer is not
pushing the Bosch Super-4 plugs, he's going on about electricity
only jumping the shortest route (no, durhhh!) so why have 4 prongs???
Well, if that was his idea then only one prong on the Super-4 will
ever receive a spark, but in my opinion (and me being a genius on
the non-technical stuff :) ) the air around the spark plug prongs are
not always guaranteed to be under the same conditions everytime the
spark plug has to spark. (yes?) So the spark will choose the quickest
and shortest route anyway and the 4 prongs just give it more options.
But on the test benches the Super-4 came up well, the only one to
beat it was the C6YCC from Champion (but by the most narrow of margins).
The worst was the split prong types (like Splitfire plugs).


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