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pouring ATF in oil

Now and again, I hear my father recall some of the tricks he used to do in
Germany when he was a 'technician' on VW, BMW and Porsches. Slowly pouring
water into the carb would clean off the carbon in the combustion chambers.
Or pouring a quart of ATF into the gas tank of a Diesel to lubricate the
injectors and keep the seals fresh. There were a dozen other tricks that I
can't recall this early in the morning, but one of them was to pour 'some'
ATF into a crankcase before an oil change.

I'm not sure this is a wise idea anymore. Cars def. are not as simple as
they once were and that ATF will get into the emiss. system and quite poss.
screw something up there.

If you are making the switch to synthetic oil, the best advice is to do it
in steps. With your first change, add 2 quarts synth. and fill the rest with
conventional oil. Next change add 4 quarts of synth, and finally on the
third change use all synth. On my VW's with lower oil capacity, I'd go 1-3-5
instead. Just spread it out, that's the important thing (not shocking the

Leave the ATF to your garden tractor ;)

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