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DC area q's for sale..

Just an FYI, I haven't seen these cars and DO NOT know the

>From today's Post:

'93 100CSQ Wagon: Auto, leather,3rd seat, 48K, Green w/tan
interior.  Heishman's Audi: (703) 684-6660.  I called about 
this one (just for refernce since I have the same car), they 
are asking (!) $23,900.

'92 S4: 46K Asking $29,600.  (410) 542-0006

'88 80q: 5sp,new brks,rotors,shocks, tuneup, gas tank (!).
Asking $3300 obo. (703) 820-5793

'83 Ur-q: Mars Red, 114K, parts car (!), Asking $9000 obo.
exc. cond. (703) 764-5869

Hope there's something good in there.  The Ur-q sounds 
interesting if nothing else.

'92 100CSQW
'94 Miata a-pkg