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'91 200q FS

Went in to Salisbury Motor Car Corp. yesterday for the first use of my '91
200q's parts/service warranty. Replaced a hood strut, and about half a
dozen dashboard lightbulbs; replaced a missing little rubber boot on a rear
door switch; gave my computer fuel economy readout the +10% adjustment I
requested and agreed that the hydr. pressure accumulator will be replaced.
They seem serious about honoring the 12 mo/12,000 mile warranty. Well,
we'll see--when the _big_ stuff comes along. ;-) But so far I nothing to
dampen my optimism.

While there, I got a glimpse of a '91 200q that recently came in to be
prepped for sale. Are these things multiplying, or _what_?:

56,000 miles!!!!!!! (not a typo)
pearl w/grey leather (barcalounger seats)
BBS wheels (some corrosion spots) w/ Goodrich Comp TA tires (OK to
drive--about 1/2 tread?)
UFO brakes :-(
cell phone, Bose radio,  driving lights under bumper (Bosch?)

315-429-9902 (Salisbury Center, NY--approx 25 miles northeast of Utica)

I didn't have a chance to drive it or even to sit in it, so can't say much
about the interior or how (or if) it runs. They were working to eliminate
some brake pulsation. The exterior paint seems quite good with no visible
damage or obvious repainting. They'll probably do a timing belt, brake
pads, etc. replacement as seems to be their standard practice. I assume
it'll have their usual 12/12,000 warranty.

Full disclosure statement: I have no personal interest in this car, other
than I'm a little pissed it wasn't here 7 weeks ago, when I bought my black
'91 200 from them. This one looks a notch cleaner and has that oh so low
mileage. But we _all_ know that black is a faster color than pearl...right?
Anyway, would be nice if a Qlister could get this. Let me know if
interested and I'll try to get more info.

'91 200q
'89 100