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Re: random ur-q hyd sys leaks

At 08:20 AM 11/7/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this type
>ps leak. If I drive the ur-q daily or every other day, the car
>is dry, not a drop of anything from anywhere. But if I let 
>the car sit parked for 1-2 weeks, as I have done for the 
>last month while putting miles on the 90 200TQW, it 
>dispenses ATF fluid from the bottom of the hyd reservoir
>onto the tranny and then onto the garage floor. A good
>amount too, the spot probably has a diameter of 10 in.
>I do know that the  bomp is still holding some pressure 
>because when I pump it down, the fluid level in the 
>reservoir increases. I'm wondering if somehow the 
>bomb pressure is partially discharged over time and
>for some reason the fluid can't get back into the reservoir
>and comes spewing out the hose connnections at the
>bottom. BTW hose clamps on the bottom are tight.
>Dave Lawson
It only appears to be coming from the bottom of the reservoir.  It's
actually overflowing from the top.  Mine has done this a couple of times.
My mechanic, "They all do that.  Don't fill the reservoir too much, and
allow for fluid expansion."  I have found that relieving the system pressure
by pumping the brake until it's hard will prevent this if I know I won't be
using the car for awhile.  I think it has to do with the check valve to the
bomb sticking and causing reverse flow out through the reservoir.  HTH.

BTW, I have a new bomb on my car.


John Karasaki

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