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Guage face info - 86-88 tq

Due to the fact that I'm nigh impossible to track down, the tech from NRAuto
Accessories will be calling me on Tuesday (my day off) to discuss payment,
time frames, etc. Those with Credit Cards will be able to call in their
orders directly. For those without, I guess we'll have you send the money to
me and I'll call in an order on my card - you'll have to pay a few bucks
more for shipping this way, as they'll only ship a credit card order to a
credit card address. Or you could call them direct after I set up the
account and send them a money order, etc. 

We now have 27 confirmed orders. If you have decided to back out, I need to
know by Tuesday. If you are in, please let me know again 1) how many sets
you want, and 2) how you desire to order and pay.

I will also discuss with NRAuto doing 4K, 89-91 tq, etc guage faces. If
there are people willing to run with it, please let me know. With the second
job and the house under construction, I'm wrapped tight... I'll also ask if
it would be possible to do other colors than white faces WITHIN THIS ORDER.

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                                   EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
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    qcusa #3442                 Maitland, Florida