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Re: Audi CD's for A3 and product line

"Scott M." <scottmo@teleport.com> wrote:

>I heard back from my contact in Germany and he indicated
>that this Audi A3 CD is available along with another CD
>which gives an overview of the history of Audi and info on
>most of the models.

That would be 'Explore the world of Audi'; the coolest CD ROM I've ever
seen. For a graphic designer like me, the interface is great, and the info
even more so. This is stuff that'll keep you amused for at least a couple
of hours!
Plus, for you PC types, there's the Audi 'lizard' (the theme of the
european quattro ads) as a screen saver! It's kind of heavy on systems
requirements and runs s l o w on my old double speed CD ROM drive. Like all
Audi stuff, it's dual-platform PC and Mac.

The number on this CD is 833/1331.90.00, which I suppose is the part
number. Well worth $20 IMO!

Thanks for the review Scott, you're one hell of a nice guy and it was a
pleasure to meet you and all the others at Pikes Peak. (Sigh) wish I could
return right now...

Tom (in rainy Holland)

PS there's also a CD detailing Audi's latest Al2 concept car. More modest
in its content, but still nicely designed. It appears to be part of Audi's
IAA Frankfurt '97 Press kit.

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
1988 Audi 80 1.8S, mostly Tizianrot metallic, 214,000km

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                                        -- Hector-Louis Berlioz