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Re: 5ktqw--buyer's advice needed

 # I am looking for a 5ktqw, hard to find in good shape I know. There is
 # one around with 212K miles, supposed to be in nice cond overall. The car
 # reportedly runs nicely, no noise or smoke. Sounds like all the window
 # and dash type glitches have been addressed. The car was owned by
 # dealer's wife then sold to dealer mechanic, then to current owner, who
 # has driven it 25K miles without problem. Only major sounding mechanical
 # problem
 # is bearing type noise in rear diff.Any thoughts on what to look for or
 # avoid in such a car, and what the car is worth would be appreciated. The
 # seller is asking 3900 OBO.  Thanks  Rob Greene rdg51@sprynet.com
212K is getting up there ... you need to do a careful review of the ser-
vice history.  Has the timing belt been changed regularly?  Was the 
clutch replaced?  When?  What is the compression of the engine?  Check 
records for suspension, steering rack, A/C etc.  It also seems like 
exhaust systems tend to develop holes by this point.  

The bearing noise may be the prop shaft, if so it isn't that big a deal, 
but I'd take a few hundred off my offer for that.  I've never had to 
work on the rear diff, but if its the source of the problem I think the 
seller is asking a bit much.  You didn't say what year the car was, so 
that will certainly make a difference.  

Don't be TOO worried about the car, but be very careful to do as good 
a job as you can to know what you're getting into!

Good luck!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
'88 5kCSQW ~120K