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Re: How can I make my '91 200tq go faster?

Re: How can I make my '91 200tq go faster?

Step on the pedal on the right :)
<runs and ducks for cover>

(I know the message body had specific questions, but with a subject line
like that, I just couldn't resist.  Hey, it's friday.)

This question reminds me of a whole thread years ago...some poor soul asked
something about what to do about his 90(?)'s valve lifter noise, and
someone(it escapes me at the moment, but I remember it was a "seasoned"
member) replied something to the effects of:
1)turn the car off
2)step back
3)admire car

This ensued a massive flame war where the first guy insulted our seasoned
member and got his head chewed off by around 50 listers :)

Ahhh.  The good old days. <sigh>

Brett "the spare tire is WHERE?**" Dikeman

**Reference to the older dodge caravans.  Tire was on the underside of the
car(exposed) and to lower it, you had to use the tire iron to undo a cable
winch that lowered the tire to the ground.  Where was the tire iron, you
may ask?  They put it in the engine compartment.  Gotta love american cars.
This sort of design from the people that wouldn't _dare_ put a battery
anywhere except the engine compartment(but we know better!)

Brett Dikeman
dikemanb@stu.beloit.edu dikemanb@edison.ma.ultranet.com
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