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Re: Oil filters & quattros for sale

Geez Frank:  Can I get a job where you work??  Seriously, that is a lot of
nice machinery.  I tend to notice the 200TQs and I believe that 1200 were
imported in '91 and at least half are in Denver, Boulder, Vail and Aspen.
Colorado is indeed the place for them.  There is no (read absolutely none)
faster way to get to the ski areas than in a turbo Quattro.  Of course,
those nasty surabuS and sport utes do tend to get in the way.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200 TQ

At 01:25 PM 11/7/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I just got quattro-digest V4 #1328, so:
>1) Oil filter thread, has there been any discussion regarding Canton  / 
> Mecca filtration systems. Good, bad, indifferent? I know they are 
>expensive, but then again so is a new turbo.
>2) I knew when I moved to Boulder 18 months ago I'd see a ton of quattros, 
>but the Denver Metro area, truly is quattro country. Not a day goes by where 
>I don't see multiple S4/6's even the occasional Urq, in fact my work parking 
>lot looks like this on a normal day two 1995.5 S6 wagons, 1993 S4 (mine), 
>1992 S4, 1986 4000 csq (and as an aside, 964 C4, 964 wide body, 993 C4 cab, 
>and a Boxster to make it complete). Makes it nice to come to work. To get to 
>the point, the Denver post today has over 10 (count 'em) S4's & S6's, 
>including a vary late '95 S6 wagon with low miles and an IA RS2 setup. 
>There's an '83 Urq, chipped $6,250, 303-756-4084.
>I don't have any affiliation with any of the cars for sale (although I would 
>like to have one with the wagon) but if anyone would like more info e-mail 
>me, or pick up a Denver Post (if you can).
>          Frank Amoroso
>          '93 S4
>          '87 4000 csq