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Back to the brake problem...


About a week ago I put up a posting asking about possible causes for
a problem I am having with my brakes and auto-check computer. When
I do 120-130 km/h on a slightly bumpy road my auto-check system on
my 1990 200T will show the brake warning sign with the circle, dashed
lines around it and an exclamation mark in the centre. I was suggested
that this might be caused by low fluid levels in the brake fluid
reservoir and hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic reservoir. I've just
had the brakes renewed, the brakes lines have been bled as well. I have
topped the hydraulic fluid to about 5mm above the MAX level in the
reservoir. Yesterday, when coming from work I decided to check it
again and when I got to about 125 km/h the warning came on again.
Are the any suggestions as to what I can check?

Some special notes on the setup on the car. The brake wear indicators
that connect to the front pads have been removed and replaced with
closed-loop wire cables, this was an interim measure I took about a
month ago when all hell started breaking loose with the warning sign
because one wear indicator vanished and a replacement didn't seem to
take the problem away, also useful as the pads were really worn so
putting in the loops just tells it that they're fine. Also, my ABS
system has never worked since I got the car 3 months ago, I have
had this checked by my Bosch certified engineer and he has indicated
that my front left and rear right sensors are faulty. I haven't had
the cash (US$90) to replace these with ones stripped from another
Turbo car. I have also learnt, and people might have noticed on this
list, that my steering system might possibly need some tightening so
there is slight wobble and wander in the steering especially when
backing off the gas.

I'd appreciate help with this problem as it is not only irritating in
the fact that once the warning lamp comes on it will stay on until
I switch the motor off, but also irritating in that I don't know how
serious the warning can be and whether it is an indication of
imminent danger/death. :)


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