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Bosch terminal identification chart...

In message <971030091440_-1493677993@emout11.mail.aol.com> Audial@aol.com writes:

> After posting the little thing about octane [ages ago], I was leafing through
> the Bosch Automotive Handbook some more and came upon a chart entitled:
> "Terminal Designations"
> Where Bosch oh-so-thoughtfully lays out the standardized numbering system for
> the electrical terminals that is specified by DIN 72552.  This includes the
> numbering conventions on the fuse/relay panel, relays, etc., for things like
> current relays, switching relays, alternators, the battery, ancillaries, etc.
>  The one in the Handbook is not an exhaustive description so I'll have to
> either try to find DIN 72552 somewhere ...

DIN standards are published by Beuth Verlag.  You can get to them via 
http://www.din.de and following the trails.  I had no luck with the English 
search engine, but the German one found DIN 72552-1 and -2, respectively the 
"Purpose, Fundamentals and Requirements" and "Meanings" documents at DM27.20 
and DM45.90 respectively.  I didn't think -3 and -4 looked interesting.
The German title is "Klemmbezeichnungen in Kraftfahrzeugen". 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club