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87 Coupe GT Headlights

When I was living in Florida there were plenty of 
streetlights around so I never noticed how crappy the headlights on 
my CGT were.

Well, I've moved to New England and live out in the boonies.  
There are no street lights and every night I'm made painfully aware 
of how dim these lights are.  You know it's pretty bad when I can 
drive with my high beams on and no oncoming traffic will flash me to 
let me know.  They think I'm using my regular lights.

So I have a few questions.  Does anyone know how I can improve my 
headlight performance where I can keep the stock look of the car (I'd 
rather not be drilling holes in it) and hopefully, not have to take 
out a second mortgage.


1987 Coupe GT
Driving in the dark
87 Coupe GT