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Re: Amsoil Filters

Larry (I think) asked:
> What _about_  flow rate? Do you have knowledge of Amsoil filters > providing inadequate flow? My understanding is that they've been around > for a good while.

Sure have.  Are you trying to imply that this is good or bad??  Do you
prefer to do business with someone who has a six-month track record, as
opposed to a company which has been developing nd improving their
products since just after the Korean war????????

I am informed (by a co-lister who has been reading up more recently than
I) that Amsoil  has opened their filtration medium slightly to filter
into the 15 micron range, and to allow 6-8 gpm flow rate.  Happy?
> >Remember, in a full flow filter
> >system, surely the Audi system is full flow, all the oil leaving the
> >pump and flowing to the items needing lubrication must pass through > > the
> >filter.  If the filter presents enough restriction to allow the bypass
> >valve to open the filter is worthless.  Or, if the bypass doesn't open
> >there may be oil starvation.  Thicker isn't necessarily better, > surface
> >area and pore size are.  IMHO the thick filter display is just another
> >marketing ploy common to this company.

Sheesh!!  Do you just have a thing for Amsoil, or are you this
hospitable toward all companies??

YES, a full flow filter is absolutely a good thing.  And you are
correct, thicker is not necessarily better, with the caveats noted
above. However - realize that many filters out there have NEITHER
anti-drainback NOR bypass valves!  If they get plugged, you are screwed
big-time!  I would MUCH, MUCH rather use a filter line in which I know
that EVERY filter has both types of valves, and that they are engineered
to high standards. 
The Amsoil filters have this stuff covered.  So if you don't like 'em,
fer crissake don't buy em!

Note: I am not shilling for Amsoil.  I use their stuff, and I do so
because the research I HAVE DONE convinces me that it offers the best
quality and protection for my $$$, period.  I also like Mobil 1 and
Redline, but Redline is too expensive for me.  So I sometimes use Mobil
1's gear oils, etc. when I need them quickly and Amsoil is not