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Cruise Control Troubleshooting

Problem: My 91 200q has intermittent cruise control problems. Sometimes
(not very often) it turns on and operates normally. Most time it doesn't
SET at all.

This all occurred after replacing the crankcase breather hose, and multiple
coolant hoses. I was wrestling with all sorts of stuff behind the block and
on the side of it.

So I started troubleshooting, I thought it would be a vacuum line. Replace
the one from the cruise control diaphragm to the "t" connector and that one
to the vacuum pump. Also checked for vacuum leaks, couldn't find any
upstream of the "t" connector. The diaphragm should be ok.

Next step is to do some simple electrical checking of components from the
"brain", but it's under the dash panel above the glove box, don't want to
go there.....

I'm thinking for some reason it's the vacuum pump, either mechanically it
is workingintermetintelyy or it must have some kind of valve that
opens/closes when you turn the cruise control on/off to dump the vacuum. If
so, I'm thinking it's not mechanically working. 

Any BTDT's???



Paul Waterloo
Brookfield, IL

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com