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Audi / VW protective spra

 In message <85256547.00673796.00@notes.donnelly.com>
 Bill.Brace@donnelly.com writes:
 > The Bently manual  mentions a "protective spray"  ( part no.  AKR 320 KD604
 > ) to be used if the car is ever steam cleaned - evidently removing the
 > original coating.  I bought  a couple cans of this @ $16 per  300 ml  can
 > and sprayed  it on engine, trans., driveshaft, "the bomb", gas tank, body
 > parts - - - -  etc., etc.

   Is this stuff by any chance Cosmoline, the stuff that
   gives the engine compartment that hepatitis B look?
   $16 a can is awful expensive, I've seen spray cosmoline
   for sale in gun shops for $5.00 for a large can.  Army
   surplus stores get it in once in a while too, Uncle
   Sams is even cheaper.  I wonder if it's the same though,
   what does it list for ingredients on the can?


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