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location of rear antenna amplifier in 1990 200 TQW

Running down the list on the 200 TQW and 
searching for why the rear fog light doesn't
work and why the rear defroster doesn't
work. Got the Bentley out and learn that the
rear defroster voltage goes through the
rear antenna amplifier. It shows the location
of the amplifier in the sedan but doesn't
mention the wagon. Anyone know where
this box is located on the wagon?

But I just kept digging through the wiring
and find the rear defogger wire by the left
rear tail light. Switch on the rear defroster,
switch light comes on and I get 11.09V
at the connector. Move to the input to the 
window and get the same 11.09V. Move to
the other side of window and see .11V.
Resistance across window appears to
be 4 ohm. Do these values seem OK?

And then why doesn't the defroster work?

Dave Lawson
'90 200 TQW
'83 ur-q