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Re: FS 5000 CSTQ & CHINA

S8Mania wrote:

> Quattro Freunde !!!
>         I think that Audi of China still produces the 5K/100(EU) from the mid
> 80`s. Would be interesting to know what engines are available
> (Quattro?). I have heard that the standard 5K is available for ~ $7K.
> They also have a lot of Quantums/Santanas there.
>  Has anyone more info on this ?
>                                         Zaf in Det (Love the list!)
>                                         86 4KSQ with 4 bent Ronals

Yes, I did some work in 95 in Anting, in the Shanghai province.  This 
town is the home of Shanghai VW, where they produce the "Santana" 
(still carbarated, 4 speed ), which we in NA called the Fox. 

 They were just starting to produce the "Santana 2000", platform based 
on the Quantum (I believe), body unique to the "Santana 2000" (and 
very Chinese).  The production line was just starting up, and things 
were _NOT_ going well :).

There is a plant (North of where I was) that produced the 100's 
(that's what they were badged), and they were plain!  Just 2wd sedans, 
not many options, carbarated, had the wimpy euro bumpers, 14" tires, 
etc.  They are really really plain and old fashioned.  The build 
quality is not great either.  (although they would be a good source of 
trim, headlight, grill, tail light pieces)

BTW, Audi has a test facility in Shanghai. We would often see a line 
of about 5 cars, mostly A4's, A6's and A8's , blasting down the 
streets, magnetic antennae stuck on the roof, on test runs.  

One young VW engineer I met was assigned from Germany to Anting, to 
implement the ISO 9000 series of quality control in the plant. He, he, 
poor guy!!! (his assignment was changed)

Kevin Ford
Chase, B.C., Canada
87 5kqt