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V8 front end cover, ski racks, misc. for sale

In the tradition of Dave Head's Sunday garage sales, I have the following
items for sale, all for the best reasonable offer:

1) Colgan front end cover for the V8.  Black.  Covers front of hood and
bumper.  It came with the car and we never used it.  Good condition.

2) Audi genuine ski rack with locks.  Fits 5k/200/V8 cars and wagons without
factory roof racks.  I got it rekeyed last summer.  You don't want to know
how much this lists for at the dealer!

3) 2 sets of 5kt/tq US headlights and grills.  Three of the 4 lights are not
chipped.  One passanger side light has a chip with condensation in the
light, but the outer glass is intact and looks fine.  Grills are in great
shape with emblems.

4) urq front single piston calipers/carriers

5) 2 sets (4 total) of urq front vented rotors for the single piston (stock)
urq's.  One set is brand new in the box.  The other has very low mileage/wear.

6) Misc. V8 power steering and brake hoses.  If I don't have it, I probably
can get it.

7) Final set of 15x6 5kt wheels with center caps (I've sold 2 of the 3 sets
I had).  $200.

Please e-mail me direct with an cash OFFER for whatever you want.  Do NOT
send me e-mails saying "How much do you want for..."

The object of this sale is to generate the most cash I can to pay for the AP
racing brake conversion I would like to do on our V8 and to pay for the set
of S4 wheels I want.  

Any left over cash will go towards a set of BFG R1's for the urq.

Thanks in advance for your support.  BTW, donations are gladly accepted! ;)


John Karasaki

Audi Quattro Fanatic