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Audi/VW protective spray

 -=> Quoting Andrew Buc <=-

 AB> Cosmoline is the stuff that's on the exterior of brand new cars when
 AB> they come  off the boat. I'm not saying it isn't also the stuff that
 AB> gives the engine  compartment the hepatitis look--on that point I don't
 AB> know one way or the  other. Many years ago I read a road test that
 AB> referred, tongue in cheek, to the dealer preparation fee as "what the
 AB> dealer charges you to wash off the  Cosmoline." 

     I doubt it very much, since Cosmoline is a petroleum based
     product that usually only washes off with thinner or stronger
     solution.  Sometimes WMB and Mercyless Benz spray their OEM
     brake disks with the stuff and it has to be taken off with
     brake cleaner or some such preparation.  You'd probably destroy
     the finish of the car trying to remove it, and it's also a
     little gooey, dust and dirt stick to it.  The hepatitis color
     is most noticable on cars with wide coated valve covers, such
     as the WMB.


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