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A8 wheels for sale through epages

I was perusing the epages and came across a guy selling A8 16" wheels.
 Supposedly they will fit 5000/100/200 cars and he sent me a photograph via
email (I will provide it via an attachment to anyone who emails me privately)
of them fitted to a 5KT.  They look nice on the car in the (digital)
photograph, but I decided that I'm going to keep the Fuchs.  Still, if you
have a yearning for these wheels, check out the Epages Audi classifieds.  

I do not know for a fact that these wheels will actually fit this car,
because I do not know their specs.  

Any input from the List?  His email address  is AUDIMOTIVE@AOL.COM

I have no affiliation with or knowledge of this person apart from the fact
that he responded quickly to my query and provided me with the photo.  He's
offering them at $750 for a set of 4.

Best Wishes,
'86 5KCSTQ