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UK quattro Owners Club Newsletter - November

To: Recipients of the UK quattro Owners Club Newsletter

I must apologize for, and correct, an incorrect impression that may be given
by an item in this month's Newletter.  An email from Steve Buchholz has been 
reproduced, but an unfortunate change has been made to the text.  In the 
newsletter, the email begins:
         "Following last months request in the Newsletter and  
          continual reminders from Internet man, Phil Payne, I 
          thought I'd chime in to commend you for the fantastic
          job that you are all doing with the club."
As received, Steve's email actually said:
         "Phil Payne asked for input prior to the 2 November 
          Committee meeting.  I thought ..."
I am concerned that the incorrect version is not taken as a slur.  Those of you 
who know Steve, both online and offline, will know that it is NOT necessary to 
send him 'continual reminders' about _anything_. Indeed, he is voluntarily 
assisting the UK Club both with the membership renewal process for North 
American members and in trying to find ways to reduce our postage costs - both 
of which processes _he_ is driving.

I hope very much that this unfortunate and regrettable breach of netiquette 
will not discourage him from these activities.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club