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5000 Rear Boge Turbo-gas install

I installed a pair of Boge turbo-gas in the rear of my 5000 this weekend. 
I used the plans that Igor wrote up
(http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/5614).  Some of the numbers on there
are not too clear, the old sleeves were 10mm I.D., 13mm O.D., and 17mm
long.  The new sleeves should be 12mm I.D., 15mm O.D., and 14mm long
(sleeve 1), or 17mm long (sleeve 2).

Finding the sleeves took awhile, but i found some that are very close: For
sleeve 1, use Ace starter bushing #4362 (Bosch #1 000 301 011) and shave
1.5mm off the length.  For sleeve 2, use Arrowhead stator bushing SBO-7108
and shave 1.5mm off the length.  I had the machine shop were i bought the
sleeves shave them, while i waited; total cost of labor and parts: $5.20! 
I think you should be able to use these without shaving them down, but i
can't say for sure.

I used a 31/64" drill bit (connected to my friend's blender via a 1/4 drive
socket due to lack of drill, but that's another story...) to drill out the
washer, and the top rubber/metal mount.  Put it all together, put the top
nut in a deep well socket (locktite) and gently pound the socket into the
top mount.  I then screwed the top mount on as far as it would go, and put
a vise-grip around the socket and placed a hex wrench thru the hole in the
socket and tightened (hex wrench backwards).

I talked to the guys at GPR (shock price=$105 ea.) and i am sending plans
and they may offer this as a kit.  Or, get ahold of me privately and i can
get the sleeves made for you. 


oh, yeah, the ride difference is night and day.  :~)

email:  tthomas@compland.com