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Performance of Nokia 1s

Hi All:
DeWitt Harrison asked for a report on my new Nokia Haka 1s (no, I don't know
how to spell it)(yes, they have studs - 205/65-15).  And today was my lucky
day.  Several inches of snow left the roads a combination of ice, snow and
slush for my 5:30 AM commute.  Roads in many places were not yet sanded for
the 40 miles of 2-lanes along the foothills. Performance was essentially
'dry road' up to the posted speed limits.  I made several attempts at slides
and finally succeeded, but it wasn't easy.  These are definitely the best I
have experienced.
Dry road performance is what you would expect.  Noise level is very low for
this type of tire and the tires more or less take a set for hard cornering
and braking, then do OK.  They cruise happily at 80-90 mph, but compared to
my summer 225/50-16 ZRs, I prefer to slow down a bit.  Cross wind stability
improved when I increased the pressure to 35psi.  I have only experienced
the Blizzaks on dry roads, but they were way scarier.
Damn the repair bills, but ain't it great to drive a car that gives you a
(non-false) sense of total security when out in the white forest of
wallowing surabuS and careening Snort Pukes???

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ