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1980 Audi 5000 Color Brochure

Dear Audiphiles,

Over the weekend, I bid on a 11" x 15" color brochure for the 1980 models
titled "The Audi 5000 Series" which covers the base 5000, the 5000 diesel
and the 5000 Turbo.  There is a three page-wide 5000S centerfold printed on
one page.  

Thought some of you out there might like it and will swap for anything you
might have that would be useful on our 1990 200 tq vagen and zeedan or will
take a cash for best offer.  Greedy, I know, but after all, I'm supporting
my wife plus the two (hundred-series) ladies.

Email me directly to save bandwidth.

Doug Terman