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1987 5ktq sedan for sale

Got to lose one, figured I'd post here first.  Pearl/Black (not sports).
 Recent clutch and new difflox.  Picture on Steamboat website.  One of my
hybrid turbos (k26 larger cold side), stock computer, stock pearl turbo style
wheels, recent shox all round, body no rust, 2 fixable creases.  Right now,
needs steering rack and HP (before sell price reflected), bomb new, G60's
good, 185k actual.  Needs: RR Window Reg,  windshield has a crack (not
leaking but very noticeable), sunroof tilts but no slide, starter switch
(prolly done by sell time).   Runs strong.  Priced mid 2's as is, more if
doing (willing) above projects.  Got interest, please e-mail me directly.

Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'87 5ktq2GO
'86 5ktq
'84 Urq