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Re: Water pump goes phooey..


    This is a common thing that goes wrong on the older 5000/200 series cars.
The turbo coolant afterun pump can break easily (as you have found out).  I
don't know if it's heat, age, or poor desighn.  Audi seems to like to use
plasic connectors that tend to break with age (I hope they've learned)!  I know
the turbo after-run pump is not all that expensive.  I'd just replace it.  If
it isn't the plastic thing that would break, it would be the valve or the
electrical connections.  It is old.  If I remember correctly it is between
$125 and $150 for a new one.  I think the new one is an improved unit too.
Call GPR, IPC, or Imparts and get yourself a new one.

     Your turbo is worth it!  Good luck!  Let us know how much they are and
where you got it from.