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cold start problem

My 87 5000CST developed a cold start problem recently.  The car would start
up fine if the outdoor temperature is approx. above 60F. but won't start if
it is chilly outside.
Sometimes it will start and stall immediately, and won't fire up again until
it is warm enough outside.

I could start the car a couple times if I turn down the air-intake screw
(the one on the top and center of the intake manifold) and cranked a few
times.  But then the car won't hold idle until the engine has warmed up and
the engine only barely holds the idle.  I have to turn the air-intake screw
back up for the engine to idle normally. I have changed the multi-function
sensor a while ago.  The IC to manifold hose is also OK.  The  ISV has been
cleaned after the car developed this problem and it doesn't make any
difference.  I suspect the cold start valve is not functioning.

Can someone tell me if there a relay controlling the cold start valve?  If
yes, where is it located?  Also, where is the grounding point for the cold
start valve?

Am I on the right track?  Better idea anybody?  

I can't dump the code now as the battery is almost dead from repeat cranking.