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UrQ Fuel Pump Relay Under Back Seat

Last week I finally got around to wiring in a separate relay for
the fuel pump on my UrQ. Before doing the work I was having
very occasional fuel pump shut-off due to fuel pump relay
overheating. Checked all wiring, no shorts in the wires. New
relays didn't make a difference. I assumed that the noisy pump
with 190,000 mi was on its way out.

I replaced the pump, filters, and accumulator to be complete.
Still noisy. Still had occasional overheat of relay. So I wired in
a separate relay under the back seat, triggered by the original
fuel pump power which is right there by the battery as it goes
through the body to the pump. I used 10 gauge wire and an
in-line fuse right next to the battery. I should have combined
then with a splitter/ fuse box with my power to the dreaded AC
meltdown fan relay power that is also wired directly to the

Result, warm relay under the seat, but by no means hot like
before. Relay up front is happy as it does little work. I also
retain the safety of having the engine in command of the fuel
pump power. I definitely recommend this mod to UrQ owners.
BTW, the same thing used to happen on my '82 coupe. Just
FYI. Take care.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.