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RE: Bosch terminal identification chart

As Phil indicated a few days ago, the DIN standards explaining all of the
electrical terminal designations (e.g., those numbers on the relay
terminals) are available through Beuth-Verlag in Germany.  The pertinent
standards, 72552-1 and -2, would cost about $45 total to order from

I'd be willing to do this, but you can get them only in the following choice
of languages:

German, Chinese, or Portugese.

I don't speak any of these (well, a couple of choice words maybe.  I do,
however, mimic the accents very well, but reading German in a German
accent is still Greek to me :) ).   Anybody willing to translate?  I can get
you started with the abbreviated version of the terminal identifications
from my Bosch Handbook....

Having a complete list of these would be a useful addition to the
armamentarium against electrical problems, and I'd be happy to share it. 

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ