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A4 1.8Tm and new color schemes

   Well, folks!

   I just got to drive a new '98 A4 1.8T manual!  FINALLY!  I have only been
waiting over a year to drive one.  Anyways, I was driving by the local Audi
dealer and decided to stop by and see what they have.  I was supprised to find
a white A4 1.8Tm on the lot.  Sales guy came out and asked if I needed any help
and I said "Yes!  I have to drive it!" (pointing to the A4).  He grabbed the
keys and we were off.

   This car has surpassed all my expectations!  I love it!  It felt great, had
plenty of power (lot's a torque!), great steering, great brakes, controls were
well placed, seats were comfortable, and the car handled awsome!  One thing did
bother me and that was: no boost gauge, and no trip computer.  OK, I can live
with that though.  I think they have gone up in price a little as well.  Price
on the base model I was driving was $25,500!  I thought they were supposed to
start at 19!???  Best lease deal he could do was like $430/month, and that is
a little too rich for my blood right now.

   Very nice car though.  I told the sales person that I HAVE to get one of
these.  One of these days anyways.  Also, one more note, Ivor, was right!!!
They have some awful new interior color schemes!  The one I drove had Ecru
vinyl (what they call leatherette) interior, which I like, but the dash and
door sills were BLUE!  Yes, that's right, a dark blue color!  I didn't like
that.  It was dark enough to almost look black on first sight, but closer
inspection revealed it was a dark blue.  What is Audi thinking with this blue
stuff???  Anyways, I really liked the older airbag wheel and I like a black or
charcoal dash and door accents!  I may have to find a '97, but they are so
rare that that is not going to be easy.

   They have some pretty ugly exterior colors as well, many tropical colors,
like Pelican blue (very bright), some bright green (really ugly), and of course
that yellow, which I really don't mind that much.

   Anybody know how many A4 1.8TQ's were imported to the US in '97?  May be
hard to find a red one with the sport package and the cloth sport seats.