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re: HIPO 10V manifolds

ScottyCBoy@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-11-08 13:47:24 EST, you write:
> << I also have a lead on a place that can cast custom
>  exhaust manifolds, but it would take about
>  ten orders to make it fly.  I would suggest somehting
>  similar to the RS manifold, but for the 10V.
>  paul t- >>
> I work for and part own a Foundry.  I have inquired on getting a pattern made
> for a 10V .  The cost came to 3,000 bucks.  But after the initial cost of the
> pattern is defrayed the manifolds could be made rather cheaply out of just
> aobut any material out there, Cast iron , stainless steel, hi chrome cast
> etc. ect..  If I can get enough people interested I'll pursue production..
> Scott


Are we talkin' intake or exhaust, turbo or N/A?

How about a variable runner length one based on RPM's?!

Well, one step at a time.

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