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Re: Troubleshooting Hard hot Start problem narrowed. 865ktq

On 11/10/97 09:32:27 you wrote:
>     Start the car cold No problem. 
>     Wait till it warm up (Rad fan comes on)
>     Shut car off, Right after it is shut off if I start it right away no 
>     problem... HOWEVER , If I wait 2-3 min after shutting the car off It 
>     starts REALLY hard. In a no start condition I Get spark, but the plug 
>     actually looks dry. If I give it a shot of fuel through the throttle 
>     body manually it will start. Something Is "Leaking" or going amiss in 
>     the fuel Dist unit or poss Injectors?
>     Any Ideas?  The thing that really bugs me is this car runs awesome, 
>     smooth as silk.... but I cant leave it running all the time! :-)

Hmmm, this seems to be a common ailment for 5k's.  In an effort to get my car started one day when Dad was handy, I had him spray some carb cleaner into 
the intake.  Car started pretty quick and seemed to start pretty quick the next time I let it sit for a half hour or so (from previous testing, I new the 
ignition was OK), so I'm sure my problem is fuel system related.  I took the rubber boot off the top of the air filter and the metering plate and venturi 
(I think that's what it is) were pretty gummed up.  I suspect the gum was preventing the plate from returning completely to rest.  I cleaned everything I 
could with a toothbrush and rag and things have improved much.  I left the car over an hour today, and it didn't start right up, but it was within about 
10 secs.  It ran rough for a few secs more so I know I still have some work to do, but at least now I can go shopping and not have to worry too much 
about killing the starter.  I'm sure there is more gum on the underside, but I was time challenged.

The three things I'm worried about are the fuel distributor, warm-up regulator, and injectors.  I need to get some fuel injection equipment to figure out 
where my problems are.

Later, Arryn.